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Lifetime Assistance Vocational Services

Vocational Services

Empowering people to reach their fullest vocational potential benefits those supported, their families and the community.

We connect people with vocational training and employment opportunities that maximize their abilities, interests and needs. With support, we help people obtain skills to gain and maintain a job that will provide them with independence and improve their quality of life.

Employment Services


To identify what support is needed to prepare people for community employment, we first assess their strengths. Then, based on the assessment outcome, they are transitioned into our Job Development/Placement Services or connected with our Community Pre-Vocational program to learn the skills needed for competitive employment.

Job Development/Placement Services

Working with our Employment and Placement Specialist, we help each person find the job that fits their capabilities and interests.  If skills are needed to improve employability, we provide the training in an integrated work environment supervised by trained Employment Specialists.  Support is available, from resume development to interview practice, leading to a job in the community.

Support Services

Pre-Vocational Services

Following an initial assessment process, people receive support through a site-based work center or in a community-based volunteer/pre-employment setting within the community.  Both experiences are paired with job readiness skill training in a classroom setting.  Training topics include Professionalism within the Workplace, Safety, Transportation, Sexual Harassment, Wellness and exploration of different career paths.  It is the goal to assist a person with their preferred job path and provide the training and supports to achieve community-based employment at a competitive wage.  The work center focuses on careers in scanning, shredding, food service and light industrial work; however, we welcome the opportunity to support people in any path they choose through a discovery process.  People are reassessed each year to follow progress on their personal goals and coordinate transition to Supported Employment opportunities.

For more information, please contact:

Kyle Preston, Employment Transition Coordinator
585.426.4120 ext. 3434

Employment Training Program (ETP)

This unique program works to place people in internship opportunities with the expectation of eventually becoming an employee at the business. Following a comprehensive application and discovery process, people are chosen for internships throughout the community. Lifetime Assistance supports interns throughout the program; helping them seek, acquire and maintain their internship. Each one-year internship position pays minimum wage.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Everett, Senior Coordinator of Community Employment
585.426.4120 ext. 3415

School-to-Work Transition

Lifetime Assistance Prevocational Services partners with local school districts in assisting students in their final years of high school through Work-Based learning. This incorporates their district’s classroom time as well as hands-on work experience.  The program also allows students in their final year of transition to learn relevant, marketable skills.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment can provide the supports you need to maintain a paid competitive job in the community. The job coach will provide necessary training, support and follow-up services to support people to maintain competitive employment. This includes working with businesses to ensure successful retention of the person receiving employment supports.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Everett, Senior Coordinator of Community Employment
585.426.4120 ext. 3415