Day Services

Ensuring that every person is treated with respect and dignity and that each achieves independence through meaningful relationships and community participation.


Day Services supports people through a variety of daily activities, assisting them in becoming active and contributing members of their communities. Our knowledgeable staff assists each individual, helping them discover what is meaningful and building services and supports into a person centered plan. When additional supports are needed, clinical services; such as psychological, speech, nursing, occupational, and physical therapy, are available onsite. Professionals in these areas work in partnership with staff to fully support each individual.

Staff is doing an exceptional job. Thank you all!

Cheryl Perna


We provide education and support to individuals with developmental disabilities so that they can be involved to the fullest extent possible in decision making for their daily lives. We have a Day Services Self Advocacy Group, in addition to focused self advocacy groups at each of our locations.

Community Volunteer Services

The cornerstone of Day Services is our community volunteer services, providing individuals opportunities to build life skills through meaningful experiences. A variety of community based learning opportunities serve to enhance both confidence and independence. The volunteer program lends support to more than 73 organizations, and contributes more than 100,000 volunteer hours annually.

Pre-Employment Opportunities

Within the Day Services Program, we support people by preparing them for employment opportunities, by developing relevant skills through the community volunteer experience. In addition, we utilize job readiness resources so that each individual receives the necessary preparation for all aspects of the employment experience.

I am very pleased to have Lifetime in my daughter’s life. Everyone knows and does their job very well.

Annette Jenkins

Exploring the Community

In addition to participating in volunteer work, each person is able to get out and explore what the community has to offer. We facilitate trips to local museums, libraries, and fitness centers; support attendance to classes such  as music and tai chi; and participate in various outdoor activities and events.

College Certificate Program

We are pleased to work with a local community college to offer a two year certificate program, for which financial aid is available. This gives students the opportunity to audit classes, complete an internship, and work with peer mentors each semester. We work with each student towards completing their certificate in the field of their choice, and then support them in finding employment in that field.

College was great. I appreciate the opportunity to go to college. I learned a lot and the staff were very good to work with.

Corey Asprooth Jackson

Senior Services

Senior citizens with developmental disabilities are provided the opportunity to continue to grow by experiencing the rich resources of our community. They attend activities about town, as well as local senior centers through established partnerships.

Lifetime Creations

Day Services started a product line as a way to add more meaningful opportunities for skills development. Supported by staff, individuals create a variety of unique items to sell in craft shows in the community and at Lifetime Assistance. This is a great way to showcase talents and promote the entrepreneurial spirit.