Vocational Services

Empowering people to reach their fullest vocational potential for the greater good of the individual, their family, and the community.


LAICO Industries & Services is the  vocational training and employment services division of Lifetime Assistance. We strive to connect individuals with the vocational training and employment opportunities that best fit their capabilities, interests, and needs. We support individuals with obtaining the skills needed to gain and maintain a job that will provide them with independence and improvement in their quality of life.

I am so proud of Jackie and what she has accomplished. That shows we are making a difference in her career and life choices.

Mira McClain

Employment Services

Job Development/Placement Services

Working with our Employment and Placement Specialist, each individual is assisted in finding the job that fits their capabilities and interests.  If an individual needs to gain skills to improve their employability, we provide the training necessary for community employment in an integrated work environment supervised by trained Employment Specialists.  Support is available from resume development to interview practice, leading to a job in the community.


We assess an individual’s strengths and identify the support needed to prepare for community employment. Based on the outcome of this assessment, we transition the individual into our Job Development/Placement Services or connect them with our Community Pre-Vocational program to learn the skills needed for competitive employment.

It feels good working in the community with others and being social, and I like how Lifetime Assistance supports me with a job coach and different opportunities.

Nicole Passe

Support Services

Community Pre-vocational Support

Individuals receive support in a combined pre-vocational setting within the community along with job readiness skills in a classroom setting. By providing the opportunity to develop job-ready skills, we prepare individuals for community employment within 12 to 18 months, through career exploration, skill development, community awareness and transportation training.

Employment Training Program (ETP Internship)

This unique program works to place people in internship opportunities with the expectation that they will eventually become an employee of the business. Following a comprehensive application and discovery process, individuals are chosen for internships throughout the community. Lifetime Assistance assists the interns throughout the program; helping them seek, acquire and maintain their internship. Each position pays minimum wage throughout the one year internship.

School to Work Transition

LAICO Industries partners with local school districts and BOCES in assisting students in their final years of high school through Work-Based learning that incorporates their districts classroom time as well as hands-on work experience.  The School-to-Work Transition program also allows students in their final year of transition to learn relevant, marketable skills while immersed in a business. We are a participant of Project Search partnering with Wegmans, BOCES 1, ACCES-VR and OPWDD in offering this service to students.

Having a job has helped me increase my independence in my life as I now take Liftline to work and to social activities on the weekends with my friends.

Erica Tartaglia

For more information contact:

Jennifer Everett, Coordinator of Vocational Rehab

(585)426-4120 ext. 3415