Weiland project Lifetime Assistance

Weiland Road Renovations

Multiple construction enhancements will address the building’s structural limitations.

Phase I

Our Senior Center at 707 Weiland Road needs multiple construction enhancements. Due to the building’s structural limitations, we are relocating senior services to Chili and transferring people from Chili to the Weiland Road Senior Center.

  • Install new, updated sprinkler system, which was not required when the building was purchased in 1987.
  • Update the worn interior with new finishes to make it more inviting and comfortable.
  • Add counters and install computer/technology and create cafe-style seating.
  • Open walls to provide more flexible space.
  • Renovate the kitchen to accommodate food prep instruction and training opportunities, and a dining area.
  • Renovate and update the clinical/physical therapy area.
  • Add a changing area for the people using wheelchairs and those who require more intimate supports.
  • Update nurse’s office and restrooms to be more fully accessible and improve privacy.
  • Update the back deck and add an awning to increase usage on sunny days.
  • Replace the back door to allow for more light.

Phase II

Renovate and expand the existing, adjacent 1,350 sq. ft. of office space into learning and work suites for the people we support.