New space at Lifetime Assistance

Overview of Renovations

Learning & Works Suites will promote Independence, Self-Esteem and Personal Growth.

Learning/Work Suites will be included at all three Day Services Centers. These accessible, spacious and flexible suites will promote independence, learning, a sense of community, self-esteem and personal growth all in a warm, natural, comforting environment.

Each suite will have private areas for changing and receiving health-related support services such as medications and connecting g-tubes for meals.

Technology Suite

New Lowry Center area at Lifetime Assistance

Technology opens the door to new abilities and doing things not possible by any other means. In this state-of-the-art instructional learning center, fully accessible workstations and kiosks will provide the latest in assistive technologies including interactive smart boards, computers, iPads, and smart TVs that will accommodate individual skills and remove physical barriers to learning. With an improved ability to communicate and interact with others, people will have the opportunity to gain greater control over their own lives and participate in and contribute more fully to activities at home, at work and in the community.

Music and Arts Suite

Music / arts area at Lifetime Assistance

Music and art add enrichment to our lives and have a particularly powerful impact on people with disabilities. As non-verbal means of expression, music and art positively impact many skills and increase opportunities for independent leisure activity. The arts stimulate creativity and add to quality of life. This suite will offer a range of fine arts activities including music and art classes and include a ceiling lift system. A large open workspace will also accommodate ongoing projects and group activities.

Culinary Arts Suite

New culinary space at Lifetime Assistance

Cooking and baking evoke fond memories, are relaxing and tactile, and produce essential skills for independent living and employment. In this suite people will gain satisfaction and pride from having created something delicious and healthy that can be enjoyed and shared with others. Learning cooking skills will also promote healthy eating, which has a multitude of benefits. People with physical disabilities will be able to learn culinary skills in a fully accessible modern kitchen that will be designed to facilitate greater movement. Modular living area furniture will allow flexible use of the space. And smaller personal learning/work areas will accommodate unique needs.

Continuing Education/Vocational Suite

Having a disability should not be a barrier to learning or working. With the right building design and assistive technology people will be able to discover their abilities, realize their potential, and develop skills that can improve their quality of life and contribute to their community. This suite’s open accessible learning space, smart boards and other technology will give people an opportunity to learn meaningful skills that are valued in the community.

Senior Suite

New Senior Suite at Lifetime Assistance

Like your grandfather’s favorite chair, a well-designed physical and social environment plays an important role in older people’s quality of life. Dementia, especially for those with disabilities, challenges the independence of those living with the disease leading to increased care needs and depression. This suite will support social engagement, conversation and relationship building. Designed for calm, quiet and familiarity, it will reduce confusion and stress. It will promote choices and exploration, such as the ability to walk outside in an enclosed garden or bake cookies in the accessible kitchen. Giving people a sense of control over their activities positively impacts their physical and mental well-being.

Enrichment Suite

When our environment becomes too much to bear, stressing our emotions and behavior, we know it’s time to find a quiet space and find a way to focus. The enrichment suite will provide a quiet calming place for people to get away from noise and too much stimulation. Designed to be proactive in nature, activities will be highly individualized for each person to help them optimize their ability to learn and acquire skills from their environment. Technology and equipment will be tailored to the individual needs and interests of each person. By helping people self-manage and better adapt to their surroundings, they have more opportunities to realize their potential in a variety of activities.

Health and Wellness Suite

People with disabilities often fall through the cracks when it comes to access to health care. Wellness and fitness information can be a critical benefit to help people learn how to take control of their health and prevent and alleviate conditions such as obesity that can have a significant health impact. In this suite people can take advantage of health education classes focusing on nutrition and exercise. Instructors will lead yoga, cardio and aerobic activities, as well as healthy eating sessions. Hands-on activities will help to reinforce the many aspects of a healthy lifestyle.