Happy woman at Lifetime Assistance

Our Vision

Lifetime Assistance is seeking to raise $5.1 million to transform three Day Services Centers - Lowry Center, Weiland Road and Paul Road - from traditional classroom service environments into fully accessible, comforting and motivating centers.

These new facilities will meet the changing needs of those we support, facilitate learning skills and empower people to reach their potential and the highest degree of independence possible.

Independence Together

Independence, Not Dependence. Full Inclusion.

Our vision is that the world be more accepting and accommodating of people with disabilities and see their value in contributing to our community.

Everything we do begins with what is best for the people we support and assuring that people with disabilities have the resources they need to lead their lives with as much independence as possible. People with disabilities must be able to live in the community but this extremely vulnerable population requires a specialized environment that can:

  1. first meet their personal needs
  2. then facilitate learning skills
  3. allow people to better themselves, and reach their potential and the highest degree of independence possible.

With your help, we can put the supports in place so that people can pursue their interests and live the best lives possible, regardless of disability.

Each staff member at Lifetime who works with or cares for our son Karl at his residence or the Lowry Center is the loving heart of LAI. They make it possible for him to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. – The Anders Family

Read about Amber

With clenched fists at three months old, Amber’s mother, Susan, knew her baby girl had a developmental disability. “A safety net is taken away when your child ages out of school. I feel like that safety net is back again now that she’s attending Lowry. The sweet, dedicated staff is so good with her. “Parents want a place for their children to grow. But for children with special needs, there are so many limitations.” With the planned renovations, Amber will benefit from many more opportunities for self care.

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