Spacious Lowry Atrium

New Lowry Center Opens!

The renovated and expanded Lowry Center has been converted from a 1980s-era aging classroom model into a dynamic and flexible space.

This new environment provides the opportunity for more inclusive activities and learning based on individual interests.

New Lowry Center is Now Open!


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On June 14th, the LIfetime community came together to celebrate the official opening of the newly renovated and expanded Lowry Center in Clarkson. It is the first of three, day services centers to be transformed to change how services and supports are provided to hundreds of people with developmental disabilities who rely on the centers daily. Lifetime broke ground on the Lowry Center expansion on August 18, 2021. The renovations were done in two phases to preserve the ability to maintain services. The 6,800-square-foot addition and interior renovation cost $2.7 million.

“We are extremely grateful to each and every person in our caring community who has helped make today’s celebration possible,” said Bryan O’Donovan, Lifetime Assistance CEO. “The transformation of Day Services has been driven by the significant changing needs of the people we support with developmental disabilities. Those changes include an aging population and a growing number of people being supported who have dementia, severe autism, and complex medical and mobility needs. Our goal is to help people maximize their abilities and attain as much independence as possible. The enhancements we have made in this renovation are improving people’s quality of life and their ability to engage in life-enriching activities, and develop skills to participate more fully in the community.”

The Lowry Center serves a diverse population of individuals ranging from services for the medically frail, and aging, as well as those with autism. Its remarkable conversion from a 1980s-era aging classroom model to a dynamic and flexible space ensures that every person is treated with respect and dignity and each can achieve independence through meaningful relationships and community participation.

This welcoming state-of-the-art caregiving environment provides the opportunity for more inclusive activities and learning based on individual interests. It is responsive to the needs of older people who have changing physical needs, and to all those who have unique physical and behavioral needs.


The 6,800-square-foot Lowry Center addition:

  • Increases the Center’s space by nearly 50%
  • Features an enclosed open atrium, an accessible courtyard, and space for more community activities.  

Extensive renovations to the existing 14,407-square-foot existing building include:

  • Seven Learning & Work Suites – culinary, senior, technology, health and wellness, continuing education/vocational, music and arts, and enrichment to replace outdated classrooms
  • Advanced assistive technologies to increase engagement, communication, and mobility
  • State-of-the-art technology to expand vocational interests and abilities
  • Continuing education to increase community integration, participation, and employment
  • Increased opportunities for people with high medical needs, to contribute to the community and gain work skills
  • A warm, tranquil environment that maximizes learning, skill development and enhances community involvement
  • A new fully accessible welcome area with natural lighting, expanded entryways, and alternate entrances to maximize accessibility and, safety
  • New HVAC, improved security, and additional parking.