Planned Giving

The Lifetime Assistance Foundation is proud to offer the opportunity to leave legacy gifts through The Lifetime Society.

The Society’s goal is to build an endowment fund to provide a lifetime of support for individuals with developmental disabilities served by Lifetime Assistance Inc., now and into the future.

“Frank and I feel that Lifetime has been very good to Patty. They have provided her with a wonderful day program and residence for the past 13 years. Leaving a legacy gift is a small token of our appreciation and a legacy for our daughter as well.”

Frank & Carol Dovidio



Members of the Lifetime Society realize that through their generous gifts, the Lifetime Assistance Foundation can carry out its charitable objective of enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities for generations to come. Members of The Lifetime Society will help to ensure that the future is bright, and that people with developmental disabilities are able to realize the opportunities they so richly deserve.

You can make a decision now to leave a lasting legacy, a gift to perpetuate your commitment to people with developmental disabilities in our community and to Lifetime Assistance. With a bequest to the Lifetime Assistance Foundation you will know that your spirit of caring will live on and continue to touch the lives of people with developmental disabilities year after year.



“We are happy to contribute to Lifetime Assistance by leaving a legacy gift. They have given our son many opportunities. He has a loving and congenial home and attends a day program which helps him progress in self-care, communication with others and participation in community experiences.”

Dr. & Mrs. Marion & Laurie Anders

Ways to Give


Remembering the Lifetime Assistance Foundation in your will is easy. You may leave a percentage or specify the dollar amount. Simply advise your attorney to include an estate gift specifically to “Lifetime Assistance Foundation, Inc.” in your will.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Transfer your cash or property to a trustee of your choice. The trustee invests and manages your assets and makes payments to beneficiaries you designate. The remainder of the trust goes to Lifetime Assistance Foundation, Inc. for purposes you specify. You may set up your trust to vary annually or remain fixed.

Charitable Lead Trust

This type of gift arrangement allows you to direct gifts to Lifetime Assistance Foundation, Inc. for a specified period of time.  In turn you may receive either a charitable deduction now for gifts made in subsequent years or a reduction in gift or estate taxes on property you wish to pass to heirs. Simply transfer your cash or property to a trustee of your choice. The trustee invests and manages your assets and makes payments to Lifetime Assistance Foundation, Inc. You may choose to have the remainder transferred to you or to your heirs.

Gifts From Retirement Plans

Retirement plan benefits include assets held in individual retirement accounts (IRAs), 401(k) plans, profit-sharing, Keogh plans, and 403(b) plans. You may make a gift from your retirement plan during life by using a distribution from your qualified retirement plan or IRA, or a gift at death by naming Lifetime Assistance Foundation, Inc. as the beneficiary of part or all of your retirement plan. Upon your death the funds are transferred to Lifetime Assistance by your plan administrator, free of federal income tax.

What to Give

Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards

You can transfer cash to Lifetime Assistance Foundation, Inc. at any time. The Foundation can put your gift to immediate use or add it to an endowed fund you specify.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

You can send unendorsed stock certificates by registered mail or instruct your broker to make the transfer from your account to our account. After the stock certificates are transferred Lifetime Assistance may keep or sell the securities and you will receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities.

Gifts of Real Estate

Almost any type of real estate may be donated: undeveloped land, farms, commercial, buildings, vacation homes, or your residence.Outright Gifts allow you to transfer the title of your property to Lifetime Assistance Foundation, Inc. After the transfer of property, Lifetime Assistance may use or sell the property as they see fit, and you receive a tax deduction for the fair-market value of the property based on a qualified appraisal. Similarly, Gifts of Personal Residence or Farm with Retained Life Estate allow you many of the same options, however you are able to continue living in your home and enjoying your lifestyle for the remainder of your life (and your spouse’s).

Gifts of Life Insurance

Insurance policies initiated in the past may no longer be needed for family security. The gift of a paid-up policy may result in a substantial tax savings. Simply contact your insurance company and change the beneficiary to Lifetime Assistance Foundation, Inc. on an existing policy or you can purchase a new policy with Lifetime Assistance Foundation, Inc. as the new beneficiary.

For more information please contact the Lifetime Assistance Foundation at (585)784-5002 or