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Perfect Fit


Things to know:
1. Lifetime Assistance Inc. has operated a Perfect Fit Program (formally Family Care) since 1992.
2. Perfect Fit began as Family Care in Newark, NY in the 1930’s when a staff person wanted to take an individual home with them instead of having them live in the developmental center.
3. Perfect Fit is voluntary. Perfect fit was developed for people with developmental disabilities, to offer them a home. Perfect Fit providers offer their home for people with developmental disabilities to live, and become a part of their family. Perfect Fit is considered a long term residential alternative. Lifetime Assistance currently has 13 out of 17 providers who have had the same people in their homes for 13-22 years!

Perfect Fit home certification:
1. Anyone 21 and over can be a Perfect Fit Provider. You do need to be able to participate and pass a CPR class, as well as other trainings. You do not need to own a home, but need to have an available bedroom, living space.
2. Lifetime assistance is also the first agency in New York State to certify a reverse Perfect Fit home, in which a family bought a home for their loved ones, and Lifetime Assistance found a Perfect Fit Provider to move into the home.
All family members 18 and over go through a child abuse clearance process, as well as fingerprinting. There is a safety inspection of the home, as well as other paperwork that would be described in more detail at an interview.
3. Perfect Fit providers receive the same exact training as Lifetime Assistance staff.
4. Perfect Fit providers receive a monthly stipend for working on goals and objectives with the individual placed in their home. They are responsible for passing medications and integrating the person into the community and home life.

Respite is classified as a “break” for the Perfect Fit Provider. The provider receives a payment in their monthly stipend to pay a trained person to watch the individual for a time limited period. The Perfect Fit team needs to be informed of respite.

Work schedule:
A Perfect Fit Provider needs to be able to provide for 24 hour coverage for most individuals who are in a Perfect Fit placement - that sometimes means that there needs to be a co-provider living in the home. Perfect Fit providers generally work day time hours while the individual/s they support attend work or day program. Some services are available to assist with coverage for varying work hours.

Who are the individuals that live in a Perfect Fit home?
They may be people Lifetime Assistance already serve through residential services, or people who live at home with their families, who have gone through the wait-list process. They are people who would benefit from a smaller, maybe quieter, more consistent environment.

Lifetime Assistance Perfect Fit Team:
As a Perfect Fit Provider, you are supported by a long time dedicated team, who has a combined 100+ years’ experience in this department and field. When a home is certified, you are assigned a Home Liaison who comes out to the home on a monthly basis. They check over paperwork and assure that all is going well. There is also an RN on the team to assist with medical concerns, issues, etc. However it is the Perfect Fit Provider’s responsibility to take the individual to all medical appointments. We are also on call 24/7 for any emergencies.

For more information on Lifetime's Perfect Fit Program, contact:
Maria Rugg, Associate Director




Rochester, NY