What Lifetime Assistance Means to Me

Dennis Brown & Noel Boccaccio

After being with Lifetime Assistance for more than 37 years, Dennis Brown, Director of Facilities and Transportation, still remembers his first day!

“My first impression was that this was the happiest and kindest “work place” I had ever witnessed,” said Dennis. “I started out as a volunteer in the summer of 1981. Everyone was so knowledgeable, deeply caring, and extremely patient. The atmosphere was one of respect, love, and fun. The people of various ages and abilities who were being served clearly bonded with the employees.”

“Lifetime Assistance was much smaller when I started. It consisted of a Day Service Program, Work Center and two group homes.  I was assigned to work with three people in one of the Day Service units, Noel, Patty and Robert. Prior to Lifetime, I had never spent time with or really known anyone with developmental disabilities. I had a lot to learn and at first it was very challenging for me. The employees were as patient with me as they were with the people they supported and I soon gained confidence. I discovered I loved this work and felt that I could make a lasting contribution to the agency’s mission. I was hired as a Residence Manager several months later. “Today we have many more services, programs, employees and people we support, but our values remain constant. The same dedication and commitment, kindness and caring I saw when I walked in on day one has not changed and that is the essence of Lifetime Assistance.