United Way Day of Caring

2018 United Way Day of Caring

They came from every corner of Monroe County – from companies like Harris Corporation, Concentrix, the Sutherland Group, Carestream Health and Eastman Kodak Company.

For one day they streamed out across numerous Lifetime Assistance sites: attorneys, accountants, teachers, engineers, administrative assistants, call center representatives, health care professionals, manufacturing and assembly line workers all focusing on a variety of spruce-it-up, clean-it-up, paint-it-up, rake-it-up projects.

Nearly 500 volunteers representing more than two dozen companies converged to provide various improvement tasks at numerous Lifetime Assistance sites over the past several months. Mary Kay Whalen, Administrative Assistant for Lifetime’s Transportation Department, estimates that volunteers collectively contributed over 4,000 hours at Lifetime’s 70 plus locations.

“The staff at the residence were so appreciative and campaigned to have us go back, which we will,” said Rob Malyk, Software Test Engineer for Paychex Enterprise Business Solutions. 

“Worthwhile? Wow!” exclaimed Robert Rehberg, Manufacturing and Logistics Technician at eAperion Solutions.

“At the Idlewood home, the residents look forward to the Day of Caring. Kevin, Mike, Jamie, John and Boyd reserved the date and planned their schedules so they could work side-by-side with our team.”

“Over the years, we have bonded with them and we are all ‘friends,’” Robert said. “We love to help them with planned projects and watch them take pride in their home. At the end of the day we all have a sense of accomplishment.”