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Steven's Story - Lifetime Assistance

Steven, who has cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia, has been taking a bus from his group home to the Lifetime Assistance Paul Road Center since 2014.

There’s no mistaking the joy he feels from simple pleasures such as music, sitting with friends, and just being included. A warm smile crosses Steven’s face as the music plays.
His eyes tell a story he can’t communicate through words.

Now 47 years old, Steven is always learning new ways to live a full life thanks to Lifetime’s support. Steven’s movement in his arms and legs is severely limited and he has no control of his muscles. But at Lifetime, Steven has mobility with his specialized motor chair and enjoys field trips to concerts and events. He loves rap and rhythm & blues, which he can select himself using sensory equipment held near him by supportive staff at the center.

Having more space would enhance Steven’s mobility that is limited by cramped rooms and small entryways. Additional sensory equipment would expand Steven’s ability to communicate beyond answering yes or no questions. He could be able to express thoughts, and the staff believes that given his sense of humor, Steven would even likely share jokes.

At Lifetime, Steven can take part in a variety of activities he would not be able to do without the support of the Lifetime Assistance staff. Simple, everyday tasks such as eating, and using the restroom can be impossible, but with support Steven is learning to be as independent as he can.

His gratitude shows in the way he always has a cheerful demeanor and his sheer presence is like a blessing to everyone around him. Every improvement to the center is a new opportunity for Steven to expand his capabilities and continue growing in his independence.