Sean’s Story

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Sean's story - Lifetime Assistance

Nothing is more universal than the need to express ourselves and that can be difficult for someone with autism, which impacts an individual’s ability to communicate and interact.

At 23, Sean has experienced tremendous emotional growth at the center, which staff feels will continue with the availability of a wider variety of activities available in the renovated centers. Sean loves to show his sense of humor, which he is able to indulge while watching videos and his favorite show “Drake and Josh.”

And thanks to technology at the Lifetime Assistance Paul Road Center, Sean takes selfies on an iPad, showing them to his friends there.

The ability to have a routine is critical for Sean and others with autism. The staff is also extremely important. They know and understand Sean’s moods from spending hours
with him every day. And that has made his life more manageable and fulfilling.

Sean does well in the activity room filled with his peers. Some days though, he needs a quieter environment to soothe him from the sensory overload that many people with autism find difficult to manage.

Planned renovations, which will feature dimmable lighting, room for privacy, and moveable seating will improve Sean’s ability to have a meditative space when he is not feeling social.
A quiet room will also allow him to focus on specific activities designed to enable more independence, including planning his own shopping list on the iPad before trips to the store.