Joanne Mills Award for Nursing

In memory of Joanne Mills, this prestigious award is presented to a Registered Nurse who emulates the care and compassion that Joanne practiced for more than 24 years as RN and Associate Director at Lifetime Assistance.

Joanne’s tireless efforts in promoting quality care to people with developmental disabilities shaped the outstanding nursing service that keeps the people receiving services safe and healthy.

Penny Bane is the deserving recipient of this honor in 2016.  As stated by Lori Siler, Director of Health Services: “I have worked with and supervised this year’s recipient for 10 years. Over the course of these years, I’ve seen her grow professionally as a nurse, as a team member and as a fierce advocate for the individuals in her care. She has the ability to put new staff at ease while they are doing their first med observation… or even scarier, their first tube feed observation. I’ve seen her sit at the hospital bedside to hold someone’s hand, console someone when they are mourning the death of their housemate, and talk on the phone in the middle of the night to comfort a family member because their loved one is hospitalized and very ill. This nurse truly exemplifies Joanne’s qualities.” Congratulations Penny!