Highlighting Our Home: Hamlin

Lifetime Assistance's home in Hamlin holds all the love and joy you would expect...with some special touches that may surprise you.

Opened in 1989, Hamlin was one of the first residential homes for individuals who had previously lived in developmental centers. Currently home to 12 wonderful people, Hamlin is an exciting place, and as you can imagine, very busy. In 2013, an architectural rightsizing initiative turned Hamlin into two distinct homes under one roof, creating a quieter, more familial environment.

The home’s design provides individuals with the opportunity to age-in-place. Its mobility-accessible design and extensive lift and transfer systems assure that each individual is provided supports and services for a lifetime.

For, Nicole, Mary, Tommy, Bill, Suzanne, Kristi, Karl, Mary Jane, Vilmaris, Rodney, James S. and James B., Hamlin is a perfect balance of individuality and family dynamic. Whether it is time for dinner, time to dance or time for a good night’s sleep, this is a very special loving home.