Highlighting our Home: Chili Avenue

Lifetime Assistance’s Chili Avenue home is quiet on a Thursday evening. “Many of the boys who live here are in their teens, so they’re very content hanging out, gaming or surfing the web,” says Ashley Milliman, Senior Manager.

Chili Avenue has been open since 1989, and is home to six boys. “They each have their own interests, but they enjoy spending time together doing activities like bowling, the YMCA, and everyone’s favorite, Sky Zone!” The boys share an interest in the outdoors and community activities, including taking walks, observing planes at the airport nearby and eating out.Unique among Lifetime

Assistance homes, Chili is a transitional house, where young boys live in a family environment, developing life skills and independence. While the home goes through changes, as residents grow from boys to young men, those who have worked and lived there know they are part of something special.

The Chili Team is proud of the boys’ accomplishments, and humbled to be part of this transitional time of their lives. “I get to see them grow up right in front of me,” remarks Ashley, “I love working here!”