Employee of the Year

When Tom Robare showed up for his shift at McDonald's, he expected a typical day at work. Imagine his excitement when friends, family and coworkers surprised him with the crew Person of the Year Award, honoring his hard work and excellent performance! Local Owner/Operator Hector Urena could not be more pleased with the recipient of this prestigious award:

“We are thrilled that Tom has won this amazing award. Tom has worked for us since 2013, and brings incredible excitement and positivity to our restaurant. He greets every customer and co-worker with a huge smile, while constantly asking what else he can do to help out. His energy is contagious and we can’t begin to describe the positive impact he has on our business every day.”

Tom takes pride in making his customers feel welcome, while providing a clean environment. “After 4 years at my job, I can honestly say that I love it, ” he says modestly, “everyone at work is encouraging and friendly, and I’m proud of my award.”

As one of only 25 award recipients in the entire United States, his dedication has certainly been noticed. Congratulations Tom!