Connecting to the World

Charles Tremblay

You know a house is a home when it truly reflects the person who lives there. When you walk into Charles Tremblay’s apartment on West Ridge Road, his collection of photographs and other items are a fascinating reflection of his lifelong interests and talents.

“Ever since I was eight years old, I have had a great interest in short wave radio technology,” said Charles as he pointed to a map of the world with hundreds of push pins on it. Each pin represents someone Charles has talked to using his HAM radio, a national pastime that brings more than a million people together worldwide through electronics and communication – all without the Internet or cell phones.

Charles estimates that he has connected with thousands of people representing every state, every Canadian province, and close to every country around the world. He is currently studying to get his HAM radio license. 

“My father, who passed away in 1983, was a member of the military and was able to teach me all about this. It is still my favorite hobby.”

And it’s not his only hobby, which explains why two favorite fellow radio operators are from Japan, because they share a love for photography.

Charles’s apartment is decorated with hundreds of photographs he has taken over the years. They include wildlife and nature photos, some that have been published in newspapers and magazines, and some that have earned him awards at statewide and regional exhibitions. And he is proud to share his knowledge by teaching photography classes in his spare time.

“Charles is very independent,” says Heather Galetto, Associate Director of Residential Services & Supports. “In addition to his HAM radio and photography interests and ambitions, Charles works on several other goals with Lifetime Assistance staff including strengthening everyday life skills, such as communications, record keeping, managing appointments and creating a good balance of family, friends, community, special interests, etc”. 

And always looking toward his future and expanding upon his interests, Charles recently accepted his first paid photography assignment!