Bill’s Story

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Bill's Story - Lifetime Assistance

Standing up for others as well as himself motivates Bill. The 69-year-old has been an active participant of the Lifetime Assistance Weiland Road Center
in Greece since 1997.

Lifetime wants to help Bill reach his maximum potential as he lives with cerebral palsy. He can be independent thanks to an electric wheelchair he drives himself. But navigating narrow halls and doorways is challenging. Building renovations will make it easier for Bill to maneuver the facility so he can participate in more activities held in different rooms. “I’m looking forward to more space so I can join in more.”

Bill is a leader as well as a respected team player at the center. He leads the self-advocacy committee at Lifetime Assistance and has visited with state legislators to present ideas and solicit support for people with developmental disabilities like himself.

“I have a lot of friends here and I like being with them as much as I can.”

They share in activities such as pet therapy with dogs, hedgehogs, and a bearded dragon. The variety of things to do is a blessing for Bill. Even though cerebral palsy can make it difficult for Bill to speak, he is grateful that Lifetime has helped him be a voice for people with developmental disabilities — from basic needs to compiling his newsletter.

He even enjoys using his voice to call out the bus runs over the loud speaker when it’s time for everyone to leave at the end of the day. There are so many aspects to the Day Services renovations that will improve Bill’s independence. The most important expansion would be a larger bathroom with room for his wheelchair, the electric lift, and the two staff it takes to move him to the toilet. A large ramp outside will allow him to spend time outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. And tables that can raise and lower will accommodate his and others’ wheelchairs improving their independence.

Smart technology is another game-changer for Bill. He currently dictates the content for the monthly advocacy letter and the center’s newsletter that he creates. Staff jot his notes and help him compile his news items. Having a computer and smart board would put more of the design in his own hands. Bill goes to a group home for the night, but he always loves his home by day at the Lifetime Assistance Day Services Center.