Big Things are Happening at Lifetime!

Two new state-of-the-art homes are creating opportunities of a lifetime.

The newly opened residence on Hinchey Road is a unique home created by the love and determination of five families seeking a home for their young sons with developmental disabilities.

In partnership with Lifetime assistance, the families worked tirelessly to fund and build a beautiful, fully accessible home. For parent Patricia Webster, the home has opened doors to many new opportunities for her son Jake. “From the day Jake moved in, he has loved living in his new home. As he learns new skills he is gaining more independence and he has opportunities to socialize with his friends everyday. In Jake’s words, “Good new house, good new friends,” says Patricia.

Carol Montesano is one of six people who recently moved from a nursing home into their new home on Calkins Road. She and her housemates are tremendously appreciative of the extensive renovations and lift and transfer equipment that has made their home barrier free. Carol, like many others, was placed in a nursing home simply because a proper home wasn’t available. She had lived on her own for over a decade – a vow she had made to herself after the passing of her twin sister.

To make her sister proud, Carol worked hard and learned to live independently. She did so successfully until an unfortunate fall placer her in an nursing home. Her small, shared nursing home room began to slowly diminish the independence she had worked so hard to obtain. After learning of her new home with Lifetime Assistance, Carol felt a renewed sense of hope; it was an opportunity for her to regain her independence!

When the day came to move in, it was everything Carol hoped for and more. She now had her own room again and the freedom and ability to move about her home as she pleased. Carol states, “Thank you so much for your help in opening my new home. I feel so independent being able to open and close doors by myself, thanks to the remote opener. My roommates and I are so thankful for our new lifts, they have changed our lives. We are all so excited to start using our brand new therapy tub. Moving here has changed my life, and we are all one big family now. Thank you for all you have done.”