40th Anniversary Celebration

40th Anniversary Celebration

We have accomplished so much together and we’re here to celebrate each of you, our wonderfully caring, inclusive Lifetime family, for your part in building an extraordinary, life affirming, and in fact, world changing community. A spirited Lifetime community built upon principles of respect, trust, kindness and creativity, on daring to dream, driven by hard work and a commitment to social change, and advantaged by the kindness and grace of our wonderfully caring community. – James Branciforte, President & CEO, during the agency's 40th anniversary celebration September 28th.

Over 800 dedicated employees, families, board members and people supported by Lifetime Assistance enjoyed a night of celebration at the Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

It was an historical night filled with stories of days gone by, comradery, and one awe-inspiring standing ovation for four of the original founding family members who attended the event. Ms. Donna Lowry, one of the original pioneers, was honored with the Lifetime Legacy Award for her continued service, steadfast advocacy and leadership. Tears of pride and overwhelming love filled the room as Donna humbly accepted the award.

The Lifetime Inspiration Award was presented to Ann Costello, honoring Tom Golisano and the Golisano Foundation, for decades of service to the community and individuals with developmental disabilities. Mr. Branciforte eloquently expressed his genuine gratitude: “While it seems obvious that Tom’s business expertise is the driver behind his astronomical successes, I’d submit to you, that while this is absolutely 100% true, there’s another side of the story. Tom’s extraordinarily kind heart; a heart as big as this planet, touching lives every single day. Tom has taken on the demanding and formidable tasks of challenging

and changing society, so all people are treated with dignity in everyday life.” Ann graciously accepted the award, smiling as she reminisced about the early years of the Foundation and her longtime friendship with Mr. Branciforte.

The evening roared on with hours of laughter and dancing to the musical talents of the band Shine. It was a night 40 years in the making that took almost one year of planning by an incredible team of staff, led by Director of Day Services Amy Mitchell. Thank you for all of your hard work!