40 Years and Still Growing

40 Years and Still Growing

Four decades ago, Donna and Donald Lowry and a small group of devoted parents banded together with tremendous courage and a vision to challenge the status quo. At that time, each found their children with developmental disabilities without specialized care options as they themselves approached adulthood.

These seven parents risked much to invent, create, design and build a full spectrum of services that were almost non-existent at the time, but necessary to support the needs of their children and others with developmental disabilities throughout their adult lives. 

With the establishment in 1978 of a day treatment program serving 32 people in Brockport, Lifetime Assistance, Inc. was born. In 1979, 21 Holley Street in Brockport became Lifetime’s first community residence as well as the first community residence for adults in western Monroe County. Two years later LAICO Industries was founded, offering employment services to 70 people.

Step By Step – A Remarkable Journey

Lifetime Assistance has reached many milestones; each one has created a monumental step towards the extraordinary agency it has become 40 years later.

Today, Lifetime Assistance serves over 1,800 people at over 70 residential, day service and community sites throughout western New York. With 1,500 staff members and hundreds of volunteers, some of whom are the original trailblazers of this pioneering enterprise, Lifetime continues to assure that each person supported is given every opportunity to succeed and reach their greatest potential.