40th Anniversary

Celebrating 40 years of Independence. Together.

Four decades ago, Lifetime Assistance was formed by four loving families around a kitchen table, in Brockport, NY. The first site – a day treatment program for 32 individuals – opened on November 1, 1978. Today, forty years later, Lifetime supports over 1,800 people every day at 70 sites!


Lifetime Assistance is a flourishing agency with an extraordinary past. Throughout 2018 we will celebrate our incredible agency and fill this page with testimonials, memories, fun facts and photos.


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1975 – A Group of interested parents explores the possibility of creating a new agency to provide services to people with developmental disabilities

1977 – Lifetime Assistance is Incorporated

1978 – Richard Kouwe named Lifetime’s first Executive Director; First day treatment program opens in Brockport; 32 people served

1979 – Lou Katz named first Director of Community Residence on Holley Street (Brockport)

1980 – LAICO Industries founded, offering employment opportunities for 70 people; Robert and Jacqueline Sperandio, Sporting Dog Specialties, Inc., award LAICO their first contract

1983 – First not-for-profit Intermediate Care Facility for adults in Monroe County

1986 – Lifetime expands throughout western Monroe County; now serves approximately 200

1988 – 62,000 sq. ft. Chili complex is opened, with James Branciforte named CEO; over 300 people served

1991 – Therapeutic Foster Care program developed

1992 – Transportation initiatives provide greater independence for program participants; Lifetime Assistance Family and Friends established

1993 – The early ’90’s are an active growth period for Lifetime, with 13 new locations; Lifetime celebrates 15 years; now serves over 500 individuals and families

1994 – Lifetime assistance Foundation established to assure ongoing funding support; Lifetime begins offering Day Habilitation services; Clarkson Apartments becomes the first Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) apartment in Monroe County

1995 – The Lowry Center opens after a $2.4 million capital campaign chaired by board member Robert Sperandio

1997 – Maya Angelou receives first Lifetime Inspiration Award; Lifetime selected by Monroe County Social Services Department to offer Family Support Services

1998 – Lifetime Occasions Catering opens; Lifetime Assistance, Inc. celebrates 20 years; now serves 1,000 people every day

1999 – Senior Services program for older adults opens on Weiland Road; Lifetime goes “live” on the internet; In-Home Supports begins (now called Community Hab); Post Avenue IRA becomes the first IRA for children with intellectual or developmental disabilities

2002 – Lifetime ranked in top four local agencies for directing maximum funds toward programs and services versus overhead

2003 – Lifetime Assistance employs nearly 800 full time, and serves more than 1,500 per day  from over 40 locations in Monroe County

2005 – Classified Shredding Services begins operation 

2008 – LAICO Industries and Services passes ISO Certification

2009 – Classified Shredding Services passes National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certification; Workshop starts document scanning as Lifetime Document Management

2010 – Holley Street, Lifetime’s original residence, is renovated and turned into supportive apartments

2013 – Lifetime begins providing In-Home Respite Services

2014 – Lifetime’s first Shared Living home opens; Lifetime’s home on Mandarin Drive offers two residential respite opportunities; Fiscal Intermediary and Support Broker services begin

2015 – First Community Pre-vocational site opens as an alternative to the workshop

2017 – The first integrated housing complex in the area – known as Frances Apartments opens is Brockport; Highview Drive opens for Willowbrook class individuals; Calkins Road opens for individuals that had been placed in nursing homes; Fisher Road opens as a young boys home; Hinchey Road is donated to Lifetime Assistance

2018 – Lifetime Assistance employs 1,500 staff and supports over 1,800 individuals with developmental disabilities